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What is  



HTML or Hypertext Mark Up Language are the basic building blocks of web design. When designing your site with HTML you will be using HTML elements such as tags which are sometimes in pair. Examples are , ,

and etc. Html is not programming language but a markup language meaning it composes of markup tags which they used to describe pages of the web. Web browsers read html text and display them depending on what they have interpreted from the html codes.


Best Uses For HTML?


HTML based website are really hard to maintain especially if you don't know your way in html. It needs familiarization of the tags that the HTML has. Just like any other web design tools HTML can be used in the different establishment such as education, business firm and etc. The beauty of HTML is that it is very challenging and lets you learn the basics of web design. It allows you to embed video, pictures and etc. The results of HTML webs are as beautiful as the other different source of website or even better.


Our services


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